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Championing employee engagement takes more than just an annual survey. It starts with establishing 'person – organisation – fit', and it continues with keeping your finger on the pulse of what matters most to your people, whether they are joining, leaving or staying. Our range of employee assessment and engagement tools identify key indicators of success and job satisfaction, enabling you to maximise the full potential of your workforce.

Does Your Structure Help or Hinder Your Business Performance?

These days, corporate structure comes in many guises, from the traditional ‘top down’ pyramid approach to leadership and business design, to the more informal non hierarchical approach.  But, structure is not necessarily all about the layout of the organisational chart.  By necessity, it exists in every business, however ‘relaxed’ the culture. It is the keystone underpinning organisational alignment, accountability and agility, and it is core to the performance of every business. Continue reading “Does Your Structure Help or Hinder Your Business Performance?”

Why Marginal Gains Make For Organisational Achievement 

That which defines a winning team is the same in sport as in business.  It boils down to alignment.  In other words, everyone striving with unwavering commitment towards the same goal, with clarity of purpose and shared values.  But the devil is also in the tiniest of details.  Otherwise known as the aggregation of marginal gains …  Continue reading “Why Marginal Gains Make For Organisational Achievement “

The Link Between Organisational Alignment & Change Management 

How positively or negatively your employees feel about the experience of change is largely influenced by the leadership underpinning it.  No pressure, then!  Here’s our take on why keeping employee engagement and goal alignment front of mind is the only recipe for successful change management.  Continue reading “The Link Between Organisational Alignment & Change Management “

Manage Turnover The Smart Way; On The Way In 

Employee retention is an issue that plagues many employers, and often the knee jerk reaction is to focus on two things.  Rehiring.  Fast.  And analysing leaver data.  Neither strategy is necessarily wrong.  But smart employers take a more holistic view, and manage the turnover crisis at all points of the employee journey, starting with the way in, and going full circle (where necessary) to the way out.  Continue reading “Manage Turnover The Smart Way; On The Way In “

Employee Referencing; Relax – We’ve Got It Covered 

Pre-employment referencing falls firmly into the ‘boring, but important’ box. Important, because it delivers the peace of mind that you’ve hired the right candidate for the job.  Boring because, for such a repetitive, mundane and simple task, it absorbs a disproportionate amount of HR time, endlessly chasing down elusive referees.  But it doesn’t need to be that way. Continue reading “Employee Referencing; Relax – We’ve Got It Covered “

The Winning Formula: Cultivating Employee Alignment 

We’ve all heard about engagement levels and organisational culture but what do we actually know about how to develop an engaged workforce and how to cultivate a strong working culture to deliver organisational success?   And how do we ensure that employee goals are fully aligned with those of the business?  Continue reading “The Winning Formula: Cultivating Employee Alignment “

Recruitment: Brutally Honest, Or Refreshingly Transparent? 

Some say that honesty is the best policy.  Others say that there is such a thing as being too honest.  When it comes to recruiting new staff, one has to walk the tightrope between selling the dream and communicating the reality.  But, this time last year, one Glasgow based employer threw caution to the wind, and posted a brutally honest job ad, which rapidly went viral on the internet.  Continue reading “Recruitment: Brutally Honest, Or Refreshingly Transparent? “

Are References Draining Your Resources? 

Are employee references a vital part of your recruitment and on-boarding process, or a tiresome administrative burden? More than likely, it’s both. References are a bit like buying insurance: most of the time you probably won’t need them but it’s a gamble that could cost you dearly if you don’t carry them out.    Continue reading “Are References Draining Your Resources? “

Organisational Alignment & Employee Engagement; The Ultimate Winning Formula

Too often our efforts in achieving an engaged workforce are so focussed on improving the sacred engagement score that it’s easy to lose sight of why we have that goal in the first place. So, what’s the winning formula?  It’s about understanding employee engagement in the unique context of your business strategy and culture.  And that, in turn, means aligning the goals of your people, their teams, and your organisation.  Continue reading “Organisational Alignment & Employee Engagement; The Ultimate Winning Formula”

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